Membrane Rubber Roofing in New Hampshire

For superior roof protection, New Hampshire Roofing Company offers membrane rubber roofing – an affordable solution with decades of durability that will protect your investment. This strong and reliable option is composed of a thick synthetic rubber or thermoplastic layer laminated to reinforced fabric, making it highly resistant to fire, wind, and UV radiation – ideal for exposed locations. There are two distinct types to choose from – thermoset membranes (EPDM) and thermoplastic membranes (TPO).

  • Thermoset membrane (EPDM) roofing is a reliable choice for any weather condition! Crafted from rubber or asphalt, the heat-treated molecules create an extra strong bond that won’t easily break apart – providing maximum protection during high winds and heavy rainfall.
  • Thermoplastic membrane (TPO) roofing is the perfect choice for any project requiring reliable waterproof protection. Made with a variety of materials that harden and soften in response to temperature changes, TPM creates strong seams via welding – safeguarding against leaks and providing superior durability.

Our membrane rubber roofing service is the perfect solution for those looking to install a low-slope roof – whether you’re an owner or contractor. Reach out today to see if your property will benefit from this durable material. Let us help make your project hassle-free!

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Membrane Rubber Roofing Features

EPDM Membrane Roofing

  • EPDM roofs have an average lifespan of 50 years or more
  • Designed to endure any weather condition – wind, rain, hail, ice, and snowfall
  • EPDM presents an environmentally friendly solution, crafted from sustainable synthetic rubbers
  • Applying this solution is simple and upkeep is minimal – a great combination for any project
  • Hassle-free cleaning and maintenance
  • Superior work backed by the region’s best warranty

TPO Membrane Roofing​

  • Affordable and efficient option
  • TPO roof sheets offer an eco-friendly solution for your roofing needs, as they are recyclable
  • Reflective surface that captures sunlight rays, reducing the energy costs for your business
  • Versatile material designed to withstand fluctuations in temperature and punctures
  • Average lifespan of 20 years
  • Weather and water resistance stops molds, funguses, and other intruders from getting in
installation of a membrane rubber roof
Waterproofing and insulation at construction site, waterproofing membrane preventing water penetration. Exterior vapor barrier for roof.
membrane rubber roof of an office building
New membrane roof on a large office building.

Durable and Cost-Effective

  • Cheaper repair costs than other flat roof options
  • Lightweight and simple application process leads to low-cost upkeep requirements
  • With a longer life expectancy, membrane roofs need less repair and replacement to keep them functional for years
  • Water-repellant, windproof, and solar-resistant material offers superior durability
  • Installation is a breeze with this flexible material

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