About New Hampshire Roofing Company

Dana Kamencik


Dana has extensive experience in the construction industry and has worked in various trades since he graduated from high school. Dana believes that as part of the community, it is his responsibility to provide his customers with the highest quality of service. He does this by using products that align with his core values of preserving the history and natural beauty of the state. He enjoys reading, hiking, fishing, and skiing.

Dana is responsible for overseeing all company operations, including business development, client service, and project oversight. He inspires a positive atmosphere where learning, sharing of information, and mutual encouragement are cornerstones of day to day interactions. Dana is involved in all phases of a project.  He focuses on working with clients to clarify project parameters, addressing front end issues, as well as estimating.

Dana has a Bachelor of Arts from UVM in Philosophy and Political Science. His formal education has helped him understand the inter-connectedness of the various elements in building systems and between buildings and the rest of the environment. All this has also given him an appreciation for tailoring solutions to the differing needs of his clients.​

He has independently furthered his education through selected readings in the areas of construction document review and contract administration, green building practices and technologies, material and construction practice standards, construction finance, land use regulations, and development best practices.​

Favorite Book:  Art of Happiness

David Richards


David got his first job in construction at the age of 12, for his mother, helping to build the family home where she still resides with her husband and four dogs. Since then, he has worked in the construction industry. David currently oversees the field operations during the day, as well as working on internal procedures and business development.

David majored in Math and Philosophy at Castleton University. In the field and the office, his logical aptitude and knowledge of mathematical and logical first principals are put to good use when it comes to solving complicated problems on the fly.

David applies his understanding of fundamental principles to educate himself about construction best practices, material science, accounting, and risk management.

David enjoys going to the gym, riding his motorcycle, reading tech articles, and hiking in the Green Mountains.

Inspirational People: Elon Musk, Tom Sosnoff

The Roofing Team

Bryan Miller

Project Manager

Bryan has an unsurpassed attention to detail which he brings with him to every project. He is constantly in communication with the Homeowner or Architect to make sure that every detail of the project is clarified and executed according to their vision.

Steve Magnant

Project Manager

Steve is excellent about making sure that all relevant details of his projects are meticulously recorded and communicated to the client. He is always looking into the future towards the next step, so that the project can move along smoothly.

Edward Stansberry

Project Manager

Ed is a master framer and carpenter with over 35 years of experience. Over the years he has worked on projects of all sizes. Ed is an expert at visualizing difficulties in the field before they happen and creating a plan to resolve them. His unmatched experience is accompanied by his great attitude and natural leadership. Ed’s sagely wisdom about construction best practices has been passed on to many of our younger carpenters. 

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